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Wooden windows

Wooden windows is a product of noble character of natural materials. They are made of pine, oak and meranti types of wood.

There are profiles in a standard version to choose with a classic, timeless line of profile, in an softline option perfectly fitted to a modern architecture and in plus version, which construction assures even better insulation parametres.

We are offering also antique (retro) wooden windows, sash windows and wooden, outwards openable windows – casement, scandinavian windows, pivot windows, sliding HST or wooden winter gardens.

Why is it worth to buy wooden windows?

Our wooden windows are distinguished by a fact that they are produced on the high-quality varnishing line, which is also used to dry elements of a window. They are covered with 4 layers of waterproof and ecological varnish, which extends durability of wooden windows.  

Wooden windows are perfect for your company development in England, Ireland, France or Holland where is a huge need for wooden windows, in a view of the style, tradition or restorer’s requirements. You don’t have to worry if windows that you install in historic buildings won’t meet the requirements of a restorer.

Which wood type is the best?

Probably this is the question that your clients ask you about the most often.The most important parameter when choosing wooden windows made of the best types of wood is its density, calculated in the number of kilograms per cubic meter. Number one are here wooden, oak windows, which density is minimum 700 kilograms per cubic metre. Among other things, it gives oak, wooden windows and doors a majestic character. 

Wooden windows are made of the highest class of pine wood (class A).Their density is 500 kilograms per cubic metre. Whereas the density of wooden windows made of exotic meranti wood also in class A, also is minimum 450 kilograms per cubic metre. 

Wooden windows - for whom?

Wooden windows are the most often chosen by people who value natural and impeccable appearance. Wood is a noble material, extremely elastic and easy in processing. It is a safe for the environment, natural resource. Wooden windows made in a modern style provide your client with comfort in use, functionality and elegant apperance. Wooden windows will meet every client’s requirements. They are perfect for those who want classic windows and also for those who want their windows to be more unique. 

In our offer you will find wooden windows in various dimensions, shapes, made of 3 types of wood: pine, oak and meranti.

Wooden windows - advantages


Wooden windows are characterized by good thermal insulation parametres. Wood is a renewable material and resistant to weather conditions. Wooden windows react minimal to temperature changes and that is why they are perfect to make large constructions from the south.

Wooden windows’ frame is additionally protected by a special, water-based varnishes. In a case of wooden windows, frames are more stiff than PVC. Through this making the doors of large glazings is possible. Thanks to that the frame could be shaped in many ways, client can get the effect that he wants.

Wooden windows in your house

Good wooden windows is a good investment for a house that will not lose a value, but will  increase a prestige of real estate and guarantee high comfort in use.

Wooden windows decorate the interior of a house as well as building elevation. The shape of the frame in wooden windows assures elegant appearance, and wood assures warmth and cosy climate. Products from debesto offer are perfect for modern arrangements, without a need to additional decorating. Wooden windows even after many years look good. During the heating season having wooden windows will allow you to save energy.

Wooden windows vs PVC windows

The choice between wooden windows and PVC windows is not just aesthetics. The difference in price of wooden and PVC windows that may suggest the difference in a quality or functional feature is also very important.

PVC windows mean a low price and no need to conservation, that is why PVC windows are popular and very often chosen on Polish market.

Wooden windows have their supporters for whom a charm of natural wood is so important that higher price, additional costs and duties related to the maintenance of wooden windows have no importance. A one disadvantage of wooden windows is a need of their conservation and maintenance, which is much simpler than it was before. Varnishes and paints that cover wooden windows do not flake and spatter. Before renewing them simply polish them with sandpaper and apply another layer of varnish.

A fault of PVC windows is that those are colder than wooden windows. Frame made of plastic with steel insert is in most cases colder than frame in wooden windows.

Retro Wood Windows

Historic Retro Wood Window

Historic retro wooden windows are made of the best quality pine, meranti and oak wood. The wood was previously rigorously selected.
All of it is made so that your client enjoys the durability and nobility of the material for many years, and the advantage for you and your company is that you won’t have trips to services and complaints.
Who do we recommend Historic Retro Wood Window System to?
For your company’s customers who necessarily want wooden windows.
The reason why they decided to choose windows made of natural material is related to their own preferences, the tradition in the country they live in or it is a requirement of the conservator.


Casement Wood Window

The standard includes scissor hinges with the Easy Clean function.

English windows open to the outside, which is convenient not only for owners of small interiors but also for those for whom thorough cleaning of windows caused problems before and took too much time.

With casement windows, access to glass panes from both sides is easy, which means that cleaning the windows becomes non-problematic, as well as quick and pleasant.

Decorative mullions

Additional character shaped by cultural conditions is accented by accessories such as decorative mullions.

Thanks to this, the windows will fit even more into the traditional English atmosphere and meet the customers’ expectations that are dictated by the local tradition.

Wood Sash window

Sash Wood Window System

Add character to your home with our wooden double-glazed windows. With colours and configurations equally suited to modern and listed properties, frames made of timber are as durable as they are stylish. A-rated for energy efficiency, these windows can handle the harshest winters, winds and storms that the British weather throws at them.

Available in softwood or hardwood, our windows are handcrafted in the Poland through a combination of age-old joinery skills and modern technology. Layering the wood in opposite directions gives the final product a long lifespan and resistance to the elements. When it comes to wood, there truly is nothing like the real deal.

Vienna windowpane dividers

It is possible to use Vienna windowpane dividers applied on both sides, perfectly fitting with their beautiful and natural look into the canon of English elegance.

Easy opening

They are easy to use because the windows are put on rails, and the traditional cast-iron weights or springs support the leaves’ operation. This allows them to be opened very easily.

covered with four layers of environmentally friendly varnish coat, durable and resistant to various weather conditions over the years.

Alu-wood windows

Alu-Clad Wood Window

Wooden-aluminum windows is a premium product. The combination of wood and aluminum gives an exclusive and warm look inside and a modern look outside the building. Thanks to aluminum overlays, windows are much more durable and protect wood against the effects of bad weather conditions.

Investors who choose this solution will have the highest quality product with rare aesthetic values, however, it should be remembered that windows are quite expensive and not everyone can afford such a solution. Aluminum windows, which are practically unbreakable, look exclusive and give high thermal insulation, e.g. Ponzio PE78N, can be a great alternative.

Exclusive look

Windows present rare aesthetic values. It is a combination of classic elegance of wood and modern aluminum style in one product.

The highest quality

The construction is made of 4-layered glued wood. Maco’s multi-matic fittings were used in the windows. Aluminum external covers are Aluron’s products. For proper protection, the wood has been covered with 4 layers of waterproof and ecological lacquer.

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