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Why Wood Windows?

Few Tips Why choose wood windows.

Wood windows offers a larger flexibility of styles that can match with any home. You can have traditional windows, Victorian Windows, Traditional Sliding Sashes for modern or period home. The benefit of having the wood windows is also because because it offers the capability to manufacture any bespoke design and made to measure sizes.

Wooden window frames have been used for many years. Wooden windows can last for as long as 60 years when maintained – around twice the length of the lifespan of a UPVC window – making them a long-term investment and much better value in the long run. They can also be repaired if needed, again extending their life, whereas UPVC or metal would need to be replaced.

A to Z Design and Glass offers softwood and hardwood windows, all of which come with a five year guarantee. The difference between a soft wood and a hardwood is on the density of the material that offers a longer lifespan for the hardwood. Timber windows offer a number of options in terms of finishing. They can be stained to preserve the wood’s natural tones, or painted to suit your personal preference – which, of course, also offers the option of repainting them a different colour in the future should you wish.

We can manufacture windows in any RAL colour what can match with any requirements and desires.

Wood windows also is a natural, renewable and biodegradable material making it to be a much lower carbon footprint than other materials and timber has significantly less environmental impact during manufacturing than aluminium and UPVC.

The ability to maintain and repair timber windows, along with their longer lifespan, means less need to be made in the first place. Wood is also a better insulator than plastic or metal, and so is a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint around the home.

If you’ve decided timber windows are the right choice for your home, our team are on hand to talk you through any questions or queries you may have.

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