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The Alutrend Integral Alu-Wood Window System.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

A to Z Design and Glass is a Window company in Fulham supplying and fitting sliding doors, folding doors made in wood, Cortizo aluminium or steel. In this article, we will discuss The Alutrend Integral Alu-Wood Window System.

Explore Alutrend Integral Alu-Wood Window System:

• System with a hidden sash;

• A wide range of wood species, colors of aluminum covers and a variety of finishes;

• Recommend it to customers who want facade constructions. Alutrend is perfect for it;

Wood inside, durable and reliable aluminum outside.

The Integral wood-aluminum system are modern profiles made of a combination of wood and aluminum. They fit perfectly with the latest trends in construction. They allow you to combine many materials such as: glass, steel, concrete or aluminum, which will satisfy every architect and not only.

The Alutrend Integral system is a profile with a hidden sash, 68 mm, 78 mm and 92 mm deep (increased by the depth of the aluminum cover). Fixed and outward-opening windows look identical. Integral has a lot of color and aesthetic possibilities. Perfect for facade constructions. Lukoni

Office PartitionsAluminium Clad Timber windows are a perfect combination of nature beauty and great protection. This option means a durable solution with low maintenance for many years. Windows casements allow opening into the room from top and side. Advantages: unique energy efficiency, air tightness, sound control, water resistance and easy cleaning. Thanks to tilt option these windows provide excellent, draft-free ventilation combined with a high-level of security, multi-point locking systems with key locking handles.

Beautiful wood on the inside, durable aluminum on the outside. This option is definitely more durable than a window made only of wood. Moreover, wooden windows require regular and proper maintenance. With Alutrend Integral windows, the maintenance effort is minimal. An additional insulator is used, thanks to which the heat transfer coefficient is much better. Wooden-aluminum windows are distinguished by increased acoustic insulation compared to standard windows made of wood.

More about the materials, which the Alutrend Integral is made from

Integral windows can be made in many colors and aesthetic possibilities. The inner side of the profile can be made of pine, meranti and oak wood. The wood is also painted with transparent (with a visible wood structure) or opaque paints (RAL color palette).

Pine: light yellow to light brown softwood. Produced in Poland, glued in 3-4 layers.

Meranti: Exotic red deciduous wood. Mainly imported from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Oak: hard, very durable and abrasion-resistant wood. It is characterized by high durability and resistance to changing humidity conditions. The downside is the high price and the fact that it turns black when exposed to water.

The outer side made of aluminum may resemble wood. You only need to paint them in a technique imitating wood. If your client does not care that the windows look wooden outside, there is also an option to paint the aluminum in a uniform color from the RAL palette.

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