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A to Z Design and Glass Ltd specializes in modern architectural glazing. In this article we want to discuss about STEEL DOORS/WINDOWS.


Technical specification: ● Classic design in a modern form. Depending on the design and technical requirements, we use several different steel profile types. A special structure of the frame has been designed to hold the weight of three panes of glass which help keep your home warm.

● Steel is an extremely strong metal. Slim steel profile systems ensure high loading capacity and stiffness of the window structure that are comparable with those of much thicker wooden and aluminum profiles.

● Steel windows help to preserve the original appearance of historic buildings.

● Metal windows? The use of modern construction solutions in steel windows ensures high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters that are in no way inferior to those of wooden windows.

● Steel windows are made to individual order and can be used for both interior and exterior.

● Steel profiles without a thermal break are used in interior windows that are a very interesting decorative element.

● Steel profiles with a thermal break are used in exterior windows and have very high thermal insulation parameters.

We offer steel windows in frame thickness that ranges from 40mm to 90mm. The choice of profile is dependent on the type of window (interior, exterior) and its size.

If you are interested to work with us, please call.

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