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FerroFinestra W40- Steel Profiles

FerroFinestra W40 by OTTOSTUMM

Hot rolled steel

The W40 range is an evolution of the famous W20 range developed in 1964. Produced for the first time in 1995 it consists of 17 hot rolled profiles and follows the unmistakable classic design of its predecessor. The strong point of this “younger” series is the increased profile depth, which allows accommodating double-glazing up to a thickness of 27mm. The W40 suite proposed by OTTOSTUMM is not only used in the field of restoration, but it’s also highly acclaimed in contemporary architecture for its elegant and compact sightlines, ensuring safety and comfort thanks to its excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Despite the depth of this system is only of 42 respectively 47 mm, technically it is considered a “heavy duty” range, which allows making tall and expansive windows.

Profiles details:

Bellow you can see photos of the sizes of the profiles used to create the beautiful Steel doors and partitions.

Application Photos

Is best used for internal usage, kitchen partitions, conservatories. For external use the better option will be W75 as offer a better thermal value. W40 can be used for the outside for the uk weather.


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