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English Casement Wood Window System

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

A to Z Design and Glass Ltd provide the services of designing, manufacturing, and installing custom doors and windows. We can deliver whatever you need for your house – Cortizo sliding doors, Aluminum windows, Wood sash windows, or Crittal doors. In this article we discuss wood windows.

Wooden windows, products of noble character, are made of natural materials. They can be made of pine, oak and meranti types of wood. There are standard version profiles that you can choose with a classic, timeless line of profile, or a Softline option that perfectly fits to modern architecture and plus version, which assures even better insulation parameters. We are also offering antique (retro) wooden windows, sash windows and wooden, outwards openable windows – casement, Scandinavian windows, pivot windows, sliding HST or wooden winter gardens.

English Casement Wood Window System

Easy Clean – the standard includes scissor hinges with the Easy Clean function.

English windows open to the outside, which is convenient not only for owners of small interiors but also for those for whom thorough cleaning of windows caused problems before and took too much time.

With casement windows, access to glass panes from both sides is easy, which means that cleaning the windows becomes non-problematic, as well as quick and pleasant.

Decorative mullions – additional character shaped by cultural conditions is accented by accessories such as decorative mullions.

Thanks to this, the windows will fit even more into the traditional English atmosphere and meet your expectations that are dictated by the local tradition. If you would like to discuss your project our team will be happy to help you.

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