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A to Z Design and Glass is a Window company in Fulham supplying and fitting sliding doors, folding doors made in wood, Cortizo aluminium or steel. Today subject is Millennium Plus 70 Door.

sliding doors, folding doors Millennium 70 Plus

• Coplanar door entry system with straight lines and frame depth of 70 mm

• It allows for the set-up of an emergency exit with anti-panic devices according to EN 179 & EN 1125 regulations

• Resistance to repeated openings and closings (EN 1191:2000): 1,000,000 cycles

• Maximum glazing: 54 mm

• Possibility of hidden hinges

• Opening possibilities o Open In: Side hung 1 or 2 sashes o Open Out: Side hung 1 or 2 sashes o Automatic opening: internal and

external hinged single sash

• Sections Frame – 70 mm / Sash – 70 mm

• Profile thickness Door 2.0 mm

• Polyamide strip length 24 mm

• Maximum dimensions/sash Width (L) = 1,800 mm Height (H) = 3,000 mm

Door Width (L) = 1,500 mm Height (H) = 2,700 mm

Hidden hinges door

• Maximum weight/sash 220 kg 120 kg with hidden hinges

• Finishes o Possibility of dual colour systems o Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough) o Wood effect powder coating o Anti-bacterial powder coating o Anodised


If you are interested to work with us, please call.

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