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Cortizo Sliding Door Cor Vision Plus

Cortizo aluminium sliding doors give you the gorgeous views you want and the all-year feeling of space. Our sliding doors promise to fill your home with natural light and add visual appeal to your room with the ‘picture frame’ detail of the sliding panels.

Sliding doors offer substantially larger panels as in the widths as well is in the height. As a result, your room gets more light and cleaner views with reduced aluminium profiles and thinner aluminium sightlines. The result is the transformation of a kitchen, living room even a bedroom into a brighter room with a more spacious feel.

SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE Masses of light and space needn’t come with compromise. This is why our doors come designed to protect your home. From high security locks and cylinders to anti-lift protection and toughened safety glass. And independent weather testing ensures our doors keep out the worst of the weather too.

  • Multi-point locks with high security cylinder options,

  • Toughened or laminated safety glass

  • Doors withstand severe weather, wind and rain

  • High security glazing to prevent glass removal

What You Need to Know About the Cortizo Brand

Cortizo is one of the oldest and most innovative brands in the Steel and PVC manufacturing industry. This Spanish brand is available in 60 countries in Europe, making them one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of doors and windows.

Cortizo boasts a massive testing centre, using the latest technology to ensure that their products meet all the necessary European safety standards before being released to the market. In addition, Cortizo is proudly eco-friendly and socially conscious, focusing on accessibility, energy efficiency and recycled materials.

Technical Data

Minimalist sliding system specially suitable for large dimensions (up to 4,000 mm/sash of width or height)

» Possible to cover great openings with a glass surface of 94% » Visible section of just 25 mm » Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance

» It comes with the possibility of motorised opening for sashes up to 700 kg, and manual opening for up to 400 kg. Additionally, it allows to place multipoint lock systems by operating rod, with or without key

» The rollers are placed in the frame, and the sashes count with a stainless steel reinforced rolling area which makes the sliding movement smoother » Possibility of corner sash encounters at 90º without needing a mullion » The motorised version allows to completely hide the sash within the frame in closing position

» Maximum glazing thickness 56 mm

» Opening possibilities

Sliding of 2, 4 or 6 sashes-Up to 4 rail configurations- 1 sash + 1 fixed / 2 sashes + 1 fixed
Possibility of corner sash encounters at 90º without mullions
Pocket solution possibility 1,2,3, and 4 sashes

» Sections

Frame – 180 mm - 278 mm 3 rails Sash – 69 mm

» Profile thickness

Door 2.0 mm

» Polyamide strip length

from 18 to 40 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (L) = 4000 mm Height (H) = 4000 mm

Glass surface ≤ 14 m²

» Maximum weight/sash

400 kg Manual
700 kg Motorised

Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions for other opening types

» Finishes

Possibility of dual colour systems
Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

» Transmittance

Uw from 0.9 (W/m²K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

» Maximum acoustic insulation

Rw = 43 dB

» Air permeability

(EN 12207:2000) CLASS 4

» Water tightness

(EN 12208:2000) CLASS 7A* / 9A**

» Wind resistance

(EN 12210:2000) CLASS C3* / C4**

*Reference test : Balcony 4.00 x 3.00 m. 2 sashes.

**Reference test : 4.00 x 3.00 m. 1 sash + 1 fixed


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